Everything has most likely been said in the pat 2 months, but I'd put my 2 cents anyways...
Remote meetings are a tool we have learned to manipulate in quite a short time, for most of us. It has been the plan B for years, and now it is everywhere in our professional and personal life, too!
And while, like the proverbial hammer, it cannot be used for everything, I came to find it much better than what I had thought for years. Think about it: nobody likes spending hours in front of a camera, scrutinized by many pairs of eyes, running the risk of making amplified awkward sounds, so meetings are shorter! Nobody would get overly excited by a heated argument when you actually cannot speak simultaneously, so meeting are quieter! Nobody wants running the risk of saying overly dumb or mean things to colleagues when you could be recorded so easily, so meetings are more civil!
And it can be fun too... think about the background contests you could do!
We have to get used to it, and make the most of it. I think we're getting there.

By Frédéric Maps, 15/05/2020